Pilot Episode: Winter Foenander, Dave Bailey and Ravi Holy.

October 10, 2016

Welcome to the Drunken Comedian Podcast! This is the podcast where I (Matt Hoss) interview and chat to comedians over a couple of drinks and have to edit the podcast when hungover the following morning.

This is the first episode, which is acting as a Pilot Episode. This means there will be some teething mistakes and some learning curves, but I think it turned out quite nicely. But feel free to make any comments and judge the pod accordingly. This first one had three comedians after a gig in Canterbury. We chat, drink and have a laugh.

We have the fantastic acts of Winter Foenander (who runs The Comedy Defect podcast), Dave Bailey (Kent legend) and Reverend Ravi Holy (Semi-Finalist of So You Think You're Funny 2016 and practicing Reverend of the village of Wye)

We talk about being a comedian, the gig we just had and the different nuances of performing. We also discuss hostile crowds and weird gigs. We have some great anecdotes for our pilot episode. 

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